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Marvel Rising


Meet the team!

Captain Marvel

A.K.A Carol Danvers

An ace pilot and no-nonsense leader, Carol Danvers suits up as Captain Marvel to train the team of super teens known as the Secret Warriors.


Ghost Spider

A.K.A Gwen Stacy

Gwen Stacy is a rock n' roll front-girl who is bitten by a radioactive spider and gains wall-crawling powers and amazing Spider Senses as Ghost-Spider!


Ms Marvel

A.K.A Kamala Khan

An avid learner and Super Hero super-fan, Kamala trains hard to master her super-powered strength and flexibility as Ms. Marvel!


America Chavez

A.K.A America

America is fiercely independent and has great control of her abilities, but she must learn how team up for ultimate victory when she goes from super-powered outsider to Secret Warrior.



A.K.A.Tip A.K.A.Tippy A.K.A.T-Toe

Squirrel Girl's best friend and first in command, Tippy-Toe is the leader of a squirrel army that carries out small-scale missions for the Secret Warriors.


Lock Jaw

a.k.a. Who's a good boy?

An expert tracker and traveler of dimensions, Lockjaw is also a super cuddler and companion of Ms. Marvel.



A.K.A Daisy Johnson

Daisy Johnson is a skilled spy and agent who must learn to be a leader on the Secret Warriors team in order to gain confidence in herself and her team.



a.k.a. Rayshaun Lucas

Rayshaun might be one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s youngest recruits, but he is a natural-born leader ready to speed into action and defend the world.



a.k.a. Dante Pertuz

Able to produce flames from thin air, Dante Pertuz is a bit of a hot-head. But, when the world needs saving and his team needs him, Dante must learn to keep his cool and work together.


Squirrel Girl

A.K.A Doreen Green

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, fun-loving Doreen Green teams up with her team of friends as the super-powered, super-tailed hero Squirrel Girl!