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Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Hulk Out Mask


Item: B9973

Ages: AGES 5+

Imagine unleashing the fury of the Hulk!

The Hulk Out mask includes chin-activated eyebrow-raising and mouth-opening features, so kids can imagine the Hulk getting more angry, and let out their own Hulk-inspired GRAAAWR! With iconic gamma-green hue and expression inspired by Bruce Banners angry alter-ego, the Hulk Out mask lets kids imagine hulking out like the Hulk!

Includes mask.

" Hulk out!
o Kids can imagine hulking out with the eyebrow-raising, mouth-moving Hulk Out mask!
" You wont like him when hes angry!
o Put on mask and open mouth to raise Hulks eyebrows and go from mad to furious!
" Imagine roaring into action like the Hulk
o Kids can let out their own ROAR and imagine charging into action like the Hulk!

" Ages 5 and up

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